Professional tool for visitor counting based on video surveillance with computer vision algorithms Orwell 2k

About the system

Statistics Dome video counter provides bi-directional people
counting with built-in video analytics

Statistics Dome

Provides a high level of customer service
Increases profit (targeted advertising campaigns based on traffic statistics)
Reduces advertising costs and optimizes wages
The visitors counting system allows:
  • to predict retail network traffic;
  • to evaluate the potential of each store and the retail network as a whole;
  • to determine the conversion rate;
  • to analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

In-store sales tracking

Analysis of all indicators

Counting visitors is the backbone of a KPI for retail customer service
Attendance scheduling, calculation of the planned workload and staff work schedule is an integral part of the marketing department.
Managing the fund of working hours based on the obtained data for achieving the best results

Simple and explicit indicators
of the real work of the store

KPI for line staff withdrawal
A constant number of service personnel, regardless of the incoming customer flow, significantly reduces the quality of customer service in retail stores
KPI when planning the workload on staff
Planning and optimizing staff work schedules during peak and quiet period leads to better customer service, increases store efficiency

Optimization results of staff work schedule

Conversion increase
Turnover increase
Salary fund
week increase
  • Planning staff workload will allow, if necessary, to attract additional cashiers or consultants to work.
  • Shopping line management will help improve customer comfort and thus improve customer reviews.
  • Knowing the periods of maximum and minimum accumulation of customers will provide more functional security and cleaning of the retail space.
Точность подсчета при корректной
установке видеосчетчиков Counting accuracy in the course
of correct installation of video meters


  • iconAll system elements in the camera
  • iconCreation of reports and schedules of attendance
  • iconPossibility of combining video counters into a network
  • iconPoE power supply
  • iconEmbedded web server
  • iconCompetitive price
― counting based on video analytics Orwell 2k